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Cultivating health & happiness through American-grown plants

At Por La Mar Nursery, our mission is to cultivate health and happiness through American-grown plants.

Our roots date back to 1972, when Ron & Pat Caird began growing plants for sale at the Los Angeles Flower Mart in Southern California. Fifty years later, we’re working to grow as “green” as possible by establishing meaningful sustainability standards so we can reduce our footprint on the environment while growing plants that bring you joy, health, and happiness.

Get Inspired

multiple potted indoor house plants on a live edge wood table

Need some inspiration?

Sometimes you need a little help in finding the right plant for your space. Come explore our gallery of photos featuring a variety of species and spaces, from the bedroom to the boardroom. You’re sure to get some great ideas and find your perfect plants.

Our Plant Peeps

Por La Mar Nursery in the 90s - The Caird family gathered at a newly acquired location in Santa Barbara

Our family loves foliage.

Our team loves growing the highest-quality plants and each person at Por La Mar Nursery is dedicated to caring for our plants until they’re ready to make the journey to their new homes.

For fifty years, we’ve been cultivating a mission-focused, plant-loving family, and it shows in everything we grow.

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Plant Perks

African-American women a holding plant with more plants behind — Plant Names: ZZ plant (background)

Plants make life better.

We truly believe that plants make lives better. Not only do plants help improve indoor air quality by creating fresh oxygen in your environment, but they also help reduce stress, boost productivity, and improve your mood.

Working with plants is proven to be therapeutic and they even help speed up recovery after an illness.

Let's be friends

Just a lil peek at our Cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Ellwoodii'). A perfect holiday seasonal item that you can find in pot sizes as small as 2" and as large as our 11.5" Patio pot!⁠
#ellwoodii #cypress #chamaecyparis
These Ivy wreathes are always a holiday hit!⁠
English Ivy (Hedera helix) is easy to care for, and the lush foliage is quite resilient - leaves rarely drop and the trailing vines are easy to train.⁠
#hederahelix #englishivy
Let's do this!  Last year we had an incredible turnout for our blanket brigade, let's keep it going with this year's sock brigade!⁠
Bring new and/or used (and clean) socks to the nursery and receive a free plant!  Socks will be distributed to those in need.⁠
Thanks for your support!
What do you think of these Rabbits Foot Ferns? ⁠This specimen looks a bit spider-like with all the fuzzy rhizomes creeping over the pot 😳⁠
Make sure to keep the humidity high with these ferns to ensure optimal growing conditions!⁠
It's Poinsettia season!⁠
#poinsettia #holidayseason
From our family to yours, wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving 🦃
Aren't these Peperomia axillaris just the cutest?⁠
Make sure to keep these out of the cold, and with ample sunlight (they prefer bright, indirect light) to ensure success.  As typical with most Peperomias, keep soil moist in a well-draining soil mixture.⁠
Ponytail Palms (Beaucarnea recurvata) are some of the easiest and most tolerant houseplants - they're very forgiving of forgetful plant parents and fairly transparent if they have any issues.⁠
#ponytailpalm #beaucarnearecurvata
What's your favorite color of Hydrangea?  We're loving these amethyst-esque beauties right now!⁠
#hydrangeas #bloomin #americangrownflowers
We love how unique each leaf is on these Philodendron Birkins!⁠
#philodendronbirkin #variegation