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Prioritizing Sustainability

Many small Dracaena White Stripe plants in a Por La Mar Nursery greenhouse
Dracaena White Stripe

As we work on our first annual Sustainability Report, we just wanted to highlight just one element in our shift to a more sustainable business – the Ellepot. In 2021 we switched from growing in plastic growpots to much more sustainable paper Ellepots.

Ellepots are actually just small, paper wraps that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. By switching to the Ellepots, we’re both reducing both our waste production and our carbon footprint by a large margin. In 2021, we switched approximately 47% of our plantings to Ellepots – saving around 27 total truckloads worth of CO2 emissions. Not only are our waste and carbon footprints reduced, but we’re able to propagate more plants and make more efficient use of our greenhouse space.

An additional sustainability-focused change we’re implementing includes swapping out all of our incandescent lighting elements for LEDs with much higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. We’re also identifying aspects of our business that can be shifted into more environmentally-sustainable processes as we continue to develop our sustainability report.